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Episode 19 - Farewell, My Little Viking (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)

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We’re back after a brief hiatus with an emotional doozy! We watched a famous episode of Pete & Pete, tore down our snarky walls, and did some real talk for an hour.

Episode 15 - Rogue (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)

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It took FIFTEEN WHOLE EPISODES but we finally got to talk about it: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs! Does it live up to the hype? Could it live up to the hype?? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT, MAN. Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 13 - The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman (Legends of the Hidden Temple)

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We take a visit to Olmec’s cave and watch Legends of the Hidden Temple! Alliances are formed, teammates are betrayed, and products are integrated. Could this game show have more drama than the scripted ones we’ve watched? Do the losing teams go home empty-handed? Find out! Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 12 - Venice on the Half-Shell (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took a trip to Italy and we followed them! On our journey, we try and tell the turtles apart from one another and wonder how much action is actually happening. Grab some pizza and listen! Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 11 - Roofless People (Life With Louie)

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Did you know Louie Anderson had his own cartoon in the 90s? Because he did and we watched it! See where it ranks among the episodes we’ve watched so far. Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 10 - Dragsters of Doom (Beetlejuice)

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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! We watch maybe the most bizarre episode so far and dive headfirst into the insane world of Beetlejuice for the first time in about twenty years. Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 9 - Flight of the Donnie (The Wild Thornberrys)

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We watch a Wild Thornberries episode and wonder if anyone on this show is intelligent. And just how gruesome was the murder of Donnie’s parents? Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 7 - Heat (Bill Nye the Science Guy)

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We watched an episode of Bill Nye and see if we’re capable of learning anything science-related. Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 6 - Busters in Toyland (The Real Ghostbusters)

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We watch our very first episode of The Real Ghostbusters and see what happens when a Bill Murray impression goes wrong, while marveling at the strange choices of character design. Subscribe on iTunes!